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Custom Decorative Wall Scrolls

Custom imported hand brush scrolls on traditional rice paper and professional matted onto the cloth backing. They are ready to hang on the wall. You provide us the text that you will like to be hand brushed, and we will have it done in Chinese, Japanese or Korean calligraphy.

This decroative scrolls could be your school's mottos, words or school rules. For example, courage, spirit, faith, self-discipline and etc. They layout can be custom designed for your liking. They are custom made to any size that would fit on your school wall. They can be either vertical layout or horizontal layout.

custom Chinese scroll custom Chinese scroll

16 x 55 inches- $169.65

(Plus Shipping and handling, depends on location)

If your text is over than our standard length, you may either shorten the text or addtional fee may apply.

custom Chinese scrollblack belt scroll custom Chinese scrollset of scrolls

Please place your order or contact us for questions via E-mail

Provide The following:

  1. Your text to be translated and hand brushed
  2. Your billing/shipping address- to provide shipping and handling rate

Thank you!


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